Our Mission

CSI Safes, LLC’s (CSI) mission is to provide University Housing Departments with a no-cost program that will limit the thefts of student’s personal possessions in the Housing facilities by equipping each residence hall room with up to a “safe per student” and then offering a cost-effective rental program for the students to keep their possessions safe and sound.

CSI Safes, LLC (“CSI”) is a limited liability corporation providing colleges and Universities nationwide with a no-cost program to the school to enhance the security of each resident’s personal possessions.

With the increase of smaller and more expensive electronics, personal belongings such as passports, jewelry and documents along with needed prescriptions; residents more than ever need to safeguard these items against theft and loss.

CSI’s program is designed to provide colleges and Universities a non-traditional revenue stream.

Personal safes are installed in a similar location and fashion across all rooms and consistency with the same safe model. With the CSI program, residents have the option on whether or not they want their safe activated. For those students that opt in, the University adds the rental fee to their Fall Housing statement.

CSI is responsible for all maintenance as well as customer service.

This program has been perceived as a nice value added by the University for student residents and their parents.